Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Poker: SCOOP 2014 results and summary


I didn't quite get all the tournaments that I'd planned for this year, but did manage to play the main ones I was targeting

6th May  (Event # 8)  NL Hold' em Heads Up
Played two sats for the middle buy-in, totalling $15 but then played FPP sat for the low buy-in event and won seat, so main event didn't cost anything :)   Sadly finished 6'500th out of 13'808 players after just over an hour, so not a great run
 7th May  (Event #11)  NL Hold' em (Knockout)
Played two sats for the middle buy-in for $14.50 but then played FPP sat for the low buy-in and won seat again !  Didn't get anywhere in the main event though, finishing 12'783 from 18'925 entries after around 1hr 45 min's
 9th May  (Event #17)  FL Omaha Hi-Low

Wasn't able to play this event after all.   
12th May  (Event #25)  Mix NLHE/PLO

Played two sats for middle buy-in for total of $25.75    Didn't have any FPP left so had to buy my seat for $11    Lasted nearly 3 hours this time, but still only finished 2645 from 6815 entries   

13th May  (Event #28)  FL Triple Draw 2-7

Played a couple of sats totalling $1.80, then decided not to play the main event.

15th May  (Event #34)  8 game

This is always my favourite tournament and was frustrated to bubble one of the sats I played... so ended up playing three sats for $31.08 (got some money back for the bubble finish) and still had to buy my seat for $27    I did have my best run of the series, lasting nearly 4 hours, but was 225 out of 2379 entries

SCOOP 2014 total results

Overall cost of all events $126.13 and 12.5 hours time investment

I got into the first couple of tournaments quite cheaply in the end, so was pleased with that result.   It's just a shame I didn't manage to sat into any of the middle buy-in events and of course that was where most of my money went.   Perhaps next year I will only try to sat into one or two key middle buy-in events and stick to the low buy-in events for the others.  Will work out cheaper I'm sure !

Other than that, was a challenging but enjoyable year for me again, and certainly intend to try again next time....  of course there's the TCOOP and WCOOP's to look forward to as well :)

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